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To be an effective breeder takes indelible knowledge of a specific breed. Not only its traits and temperament but its lineage and history too. As some of the country’s foremost breeders, Cabeza Grande Kennel takes immense pride in our work with this breed. We’re exceptionally knowledgeable and are home to some of the finest specimens in the country. Our kennel houses studs and dams, as well as puppies—all well-cared-for daily, with love and respect.



Our history of excellence breeding Presa dogs comes from our winning lineage of purebred studs. We have immaculate records of breeding history and can trace desirable traits in our studs back through several generations. We take care to pair these strengths and traits to complementary dams, to continue producing puppies that are strong, healthy and true-to-breed.

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Female Dogs


We’re home to several purebred Presa females, ready to bear strong litters of pups. Most of our females have already produced award-winning pups and kept the legacy of this majestic breed alive. Our females have all tested negative for unwanted genetic markers and proven themselves strong breeding candidates.

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We have a continuously rotating lineup of up-and-coming dogs we’ve kept for breeding purposes. While young, they’ve shown the traits desired in the Canario breed. Moreover, they’ve passed the extensive testing we hold our dogs to and will be ready to breed when they reach full maturity.

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Past Dogs

Even when they live a full, long life, our time with our dogs is all too short. We love our dogs like members of our family and honor their memory by taking the best care of their descendants. For many of our former studs, that means keeping their specimen on ice and using it to sire puppies with complementary dams.

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Want to learn more about the dogs we keep or the proven breeding practices we employ to keep the Canario breed going strong? Contact us today at 314-304-0869. For more information about available puppies, please visit our Available Dogs page.