Upcoming Canario Breedings

Interested in owning a Presa Canario puppy from one of our upcoming litters? As one of the premier purebred breeders, we field inquiries from individuals from around the world. To ensure people are able to get the dog they want, we ask that you inquire about upcoming breedings.

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How to Reserve a Pup

Because we’re a specialty dog breeder, we’re focused on maintaining the pedigree of our litters. That means breeding specific dams and studs at specific times, for a mix of complementary traits. In doing so, we have a limited number of puppies for sale each year.

The first step in reserving a Presa Canario puppy is a conversation. Please give us a call or text to begin that conversation. Its important we communicate so we know what you’re looking for. Matching our puppies to the correct owners and vice versa is our most important job as breeders.

Once we’ve discussed fit and determined a good match, we ask that you please fill out our online puppy contract. This provides us with the pertinent information we need to begin the sale process and to secure your spot on our waiting list.

Deposits and Fees

Once your puppy application has been accepted, a small deposit will hold your place on our puppy waiting list. Once the litter is born, you will be provided with picture and video updates, with final selections taking place around 5 weeks, extending to 7 or 8 weeks.

Please note that the listed breedings are tentative and may change for any reason. We do our best to maintain schedules, but nature plays a big part in breeding dogs and we can’t always control.

Litter Due: March, 2024

Sire: Unsub de Cabeza Grande
Dam: Nariko Rayna of Thunder Ridge
$4500 with Crop

Litter Due: March, 2024

Sire: Mongo de Cabeza Grande
Dam: Pnuema of Thunder Ridge/CGK
$4500 with Crop

Litter Due: April, 2024

Sire: BehaveYourSelf de Cabeza Grande
Dam: RBF de Cabeza Grande
$4500 with Crop

Reserve a Breeding Today

Interested in becoming a Presa owner? Cabeza Grande Kennel welcomes inquiries and encourages interested owners to get in touch with us as soon as possible about upcoming litters. Contact us today at 314-304-0869 for more information.