Are Presa Canarios Good for First-Time Owners?

If you’re the type of person who loves big dogs and are in the market to bring home a new puppy, you might find yourself looking at Presa Canario puppies. An offshoot of the mastiff family, Presa Canarios certainly fit the bill for “big dogs”—but that doesn’t mean they’re an option for everyone. If you’re […]

How to Socialize a Presa Canario

Temperament is one of the most important qualities in a Presa Canario. Given the right attention to socialization from a young age, Presas can grow into the perfect combination of staunch household defender and gentle, lovable family dog. While breeding for temperament is important, so is house socializing a Presa Canario. There are some clear […]

How to Stop a Presa Canario from Chewing and Biting

When you bring home your new Presa Canario puppy, you will quickly learn that they are an excellent addition to the family. These dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners. Unfortunately, as they grow, Presa Canarios are also prone to protecting their families with aggression. If it’s not nipped in the bud, Presa Canario biting […]

How to House Train a Presa Canario

Every day, more owners discover the joy that a Presa Canario can bring to their lives. These gorgeous creatures are part of a generations-long tradition of loyalty and ability. They are revered in their homeland of the Canary Islands as fierce family protectors of the home and invaluable companions on the job. People have relied […]

How Much Exercise Does a Presa Canario Need?

hinking about adding a Presa Canario to your family? If so, it’s important that you understand how much exercise and mental stimulation they need. Presa Canarios are large, muscular dogs that are happiest when they’re “working,” whether that’s herding cattle, guarding sheep or simply playing fetch. Exercising your Presa Canario properly ensures that they burn […]