How Much Exercise Does a Presa Canario Need?

hinking about adding a Presa Canario to your family? If so, it’s important that you understand how much exercise and mental stimulation they need. Presa Canarios are large, muscular dogs that are happiest when they’re “working,” whether that’s herding cattle, guarding sheep or simply playing fetch. Exercising your Presa Canario properly ensures that they burn off their excess energy and won’t get bored, which can lead them to become destructive and aggressive.

So, how much exercise does a Presa Canario really need? Read on to find out what kind of commitment you’re making when you adopt one of these active dogs.

Presa Canario exercise requirements

Your Presa Canario requires a lot of exercise, so if you have mobility issues or simply can’t commit at least an hour or so per day to dog activities, this is a breed to avoid. Presa Canarios enjoy long walks and hikes, which allow them to burn off all that extra energy.

Plan to take them on one long leashed walk or two shorter ones every day (or the equivalent). Your Presa Canario not only needs the exercise to keep them from becoming destructive, but to keep them fit and trim. Make sure to keep them on the leash, as they can view strangers as threats.

Since Presas need so much exercise, a home with a fenced yard is their ideal environment. Keeping Presa Canarios in apartments is not advised. They simply won’t have enough room to play, leaving both dog and owner unhappy.

Ways to exercise your Presa Canario

There are plenty of ways to exercise your Presa, especially if you have a decent amount of outdoor space. While long walks are ideal, they’ll also gladly play for hours:

  • Walks and hikes: Walking your Presa is one of the easiest ways to wear them out. Plan on 60 full minutes of exercise each day. Presa puppies can start with 10-minute walks, then increase the time as they become more comfortable with training and behavioral exercises. Avoid hikes where puppies may need to run or jump a lot—it can damage their still-developing joints.
  • Swimming: Your Presa will probably love to swim. Make sure to put them in a swim vest if they’re unproven swimmers. Bring along a fetch toy, too—the water and the game will burn off excess energy.
  • Fetch and tug of war: Most Presas love playing fetch and tug of war, and will do so for hours if allowed. This is a particularly good game if you have mobility issues, or occasionally lack the energy to match your dog. Get sturdy ropes, balls, Frisbees and other toys to use with your pet.
  • Canine sports: Finally, Presas are particularly good at canine sports like weight pulling, obedience games and more. They can be very disciplined dogs when well-trained, and these games will help keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

These are just a few effective approaches to exercising your Presa Canario. Are you thinking about adopting a Presa Canario? If so, reach out to Cabeza Grande Kennel today. We can help you decide whether a Presa is right for you.

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