How to Stop a Presa Canario from Chewing and Biting

When you bring home your new Presa Canario puppy, you will quickly learn that they are an excellent addition to the family. These dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners. Unfortunately, as they grow, Presa Canarios are also prone to protecting their families with aggression. If it’s not nipped in the bud, Presa Canario biting is a very real possibility.

Not to worry, though—with a consistent routine of training, you can ensure that your Presa Canario is never anything but a treat to be around.

Socialize early and often

As soon as you bring your Presa Canario home (and it’s safe to do so), you should introduce them to neighbors, family, friends and other dogs. If that means going to a dog park or keeping your Presa Canario at a doggie daycare a few hours a week, you should seriously consider it.

Demonstrating to your Presa Canario that other people and dogs don’t present a threat will go a long way toward curbing their instinct to bite.

Restrict access

When you bring a Presa Canario into your home, it’s important to remember that they can be rambunctious when left alone. It’s not a defect in their character—it just means you need to monitor them. Keep the doors closed on rooms you don’t want them getting into, and do your best to keep them in your sight while you’re at home and awake. This can prevent several root causes of chewing, biting and gnawing in Presa Canarios.

Tire them out

One possible reason for a Presa Canario biting is an overabundance of energy. These are dogs that have been bred as workers. As a result, they tend to require lots of exercise throughout the day to ensure they behave.

Take your Presa Canario for lengthy walks at least twice a day, and try to get in some playtime with the puppy when you have some downtime of your own.

Train during playtime

When you’re playing with your Presa Canario, make sure to routinely give orders, teach the dog to show restraint at your command, and reward good behavior with praise and treats. When your Presa Canario enjoys the training process, they are more likely to catch on quicker than if it’s treated as a job.

Get help from the experts

For over two decades, the team at Cabeza Grande Kennel has connected the prestigious Presa Canario with loving owners. Our goal is to educate people about the endless benefits of choosing a Presa Canario as their next puppy.

All of our dogs are bred with the utmost care and attention paid to health, temperament, working ability and conformity to the most cherished traits of the classic Presa Canario.

Adding a new dog to your home is a big decision. When you work alongside Cabeza Grande Kennel to add a Presa Canario to your house, you can’t go wrong. Contact us today to find out more. We look forward to helping you find the ideal Presa puppy or adult dog for your needs.

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