Studs On Ice

In an effort to further our breeding program for many generations to come, we have collected from some of our most important males for use later. Some of these dogs are available for public studs but those that have passed on, are not available for sale. These are intended to be used with future generations in order to continue to pass on great genetics for many years longer than these dogs could possibly live.

GRCH, HNRCH, INTCH, NATCH Warrior de Cabeza Grande, RATI, RATN, CGC, CA

Call Name: Caius
SIRE: UKC CH, IntCH Tenjin Chishou
DAM: Bali de Cabeza Grande, SchH BH, CAL 1, TT, CGC, TAN
DOB: March 5th, 2012
140 pounds, 26 inches
Co-Owner: Teal Erickson

UCH Casper RR, SchH BH, CCF 1, CGC

Call Name: Casper
SIRE: Proud Mufasa Barbarian
140 pounds, 25¾ inches
DOB: December 8th, 2006
Co-Owner: Daniel Bosco

Yago de Cabeza Grande

Call Name: Yago
Sire: CH. Coe de Casa del Presa
Dam: Atia de Ironbull
115 pounds, 24½ inches
DOB: May 16th, 2012

Lex Luthor de Cabeza Grande

Call Name: Lex
SIRE: Yago de Cabeza Grande
DAM: CAX, GRCH, HNRCH, INTCH, NATCH Wikit de Cabeza Grande
120 pounds, 25½ inches
DOB: January 7th, 2014

Perros Canarios Oros Falco

Call Name: Falco
Sire: Guardo Bubu Diablo de Oro
Dam: Perros Canario Oros Diera
140 pounds, 26 inches
DOB: July 17th, 2015

Derque de Eterna Primavera

Call Name: Derque
SIRE: Galan de Tierra de Volcanes
DAM: Sura de Tierra de Volcanes
145 pounds, 26 inches
DOB: May 1st, 2014
Co-Owner: Hill Country Kennels

CH. Hiro Nuestra Sangre

Call Name: Hiro
SIRE: CH ESP Panzer de Guadalcan
DAM: Pradera’s Abella
140 pounds, 26 inches
DOB: March 23rd, 2011
Co-Owner: Hill Country Kennels

Afur de Reganados

Call Name: Afur
SIRE: Dumbo de Reganados
DAM: Sola de Rucaden
125 pounds, 26 inches
DOB: March 3rd, 2016
Genetic DNA Test Results

UCH Nyamu de Cabeza Grande, SchH BH, TT, CGC, DDBA Novice, Junior

Call Name: Seven
DAM: Multi CH.Faina de Alacant-Bull, BSTT, IDT3, CCF III, CAL III, TAN, CGC, TDI
125 pounds, 25½ inches
DOB: December 29th, 2008

D&G’s VON de Cabeza Grande, CCF I, TAN

Call Name: Von
SIRE: Acoran Aguayan del Mago, IDT3, CCF II, CAL II, Fila TT, CGC
DAM: Mina de Atlantida Can, GDT, IDT 3, CCF III
125 pounds, 25 inches
DOB: November 28th, 2004

Multiple CH KING SIZE de Presa Awangarda, TT I-IV

Call Name: Kingo
SIRE: Ch.Pl. Ch.Eu. Club.Winner, J.Ch.Pl. CHUCK NORRIS de Presa Awangarda
DAM: WW, Ch.Pl. J.Ch.Pl. ESA de Irema Curtó
145 pounds, 26 inches
DOB: March 15th, 2004
Owner: Rey Gladiador Kennel