How to House Train a Presa Canario

Every day, more owners discover the joy that a Presa Canario can bring to their lives. These gorgeous creatures are part of a generations-long tradition of loyalty and ability. They are revered in their homeland of the Canary Islands as fierce family protectors of the home and invaluable companions on the job. People have relied on the Presa Canario for hundreds of years, and they will continue to do so long into the future.

Of course, to properly get a handle on ownership of this exquisite breed, you’ll need to have a plan. As loyal and affectionate as a Presa might be, they can also be somewhat stubborn. For example, house training a Presa Canario can present a challenge to first-time owners. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with these helpful tips and tricks.

How old should my presa be?

Just like with human children, younger puppies simply don’t have control over their bodies. As a result, you should be patient with your puppy until they’re about 12 weeks old. At that point, you can begin Presa Canario potty training.

Set up a crate

When you’re planning to house train any dog, you should consider crate training. When you go to sleep at night, or when you’re not around to supervise, you should put your Presa Canario into their crate. Far from punishment, a crate serves as a private space for your Presa to luxuriate in when you’re not around.

Just make sure the crate allows your Presa enough room to turn around easily, but not much more than that. Too much room and your Presa Canario will take to using one corner of the crate as a bathroom. When they have the right amount of space, your Presa will be comfortable, but they’ll also be forced to confront the error of pooping or peeing indoors.

When they’re left with no option but to sit in the mess they’ve just made, most Presa Canarios will quickly get the point of using the bathroom outside.

Respond to the signals

Even before they understand the concept of heading toward the door to signal a bathroom break, your Presa Canario puppy will still display signs that it needs to go out, such as sniffing excessively, circling one area and squatting.

If your dog does any of the above, you should immediately take them outside to see if they go to the bathroom. Be patient, and they’ll eventually get the idea. When your puppy successfully uses the bathroom outside, be sure to reward them with plenty of praise and treats.

You’re the boss

Remember that Presa Canarios can be extremely headstrong. As a result, you should remember to assert your dominance over the Presa Canario throughout the training process. That doesn’t mean using negative reinforcement on your Presa—it means being patient, stoic and firm.

Learn more today!

When you’re house training a Presa Canario, you can count on the expertise of the team at Cabeza Grande Kennel. For more tips, or to find the ideal Presa for you, contact us today!

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