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Presa Canarios: Past and Present

The original specimens If you purchase a puppy from Cabeza Grande Kennel, you are acquiring a dog with a distinguished history. That is why we are committed to responsible breeding practices that produce “total” Presa Canarios. Whether you seek a protector, companion or champion, the Presa Canario may be a good match for you. Here […]

Care Tips for the Presa Canario

Long held up as a national symbol of strength in their homeland of the Canary Islands, the Presa Canario is fast becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Presa Canarios are prized for their unique talent as working dogs, their unparalleled loyalty and their sweet and gentle demeanor. There’s so […]

The Temperament and Behavior of the Presa Canario

Hundreds of years ago, natives of Spain’s Canary Islands lived side by side with an utterly unique breed of dog. This gorgeous animal was treated as a protector and companion. It worked alongside its owners. It featured prominently in legends. That dog was the Presa Canario, a hard worker and stalwart friend to its family. […]