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Top Activities for Presa Canarios

Your Presa Canario is an energetic dog, which means you’ll need to keep them occupied with plenty of exercise and activity. In fact, they’re “working” dogs, which means they’re happiest when they have a job or activity to perform. If you neglect your Presa Canario’s need for exercise and stimulation, they can become destructive. Taking […]

What Should I Feed My Presa Canario?

One of the most important ways people care for their pets is by providing them with a healthy diet. Whether you have a cat or a Presa Canario, good nutrition allows your pet to live a full life without complications caused by weight problems or nutrient deficiencies. Before adding one to your family, you should […]

What Types of Treats and Toys Are Safe to Give a Presa Canario?

There are a few common misconceptions about Presa Canarios and dogs in general. People wrongly think that dogs only need playtime when they’re younger. They also fail to see the value of providing healthy treats to their dogs. Any pet owner should research the best toys and treats to buy for Presa Canario pups and […]

Tips for Training Your Presa Canario Puppy

So, you’ve made a choice to purchase and raise a Presa Canario puppy. Congratulations! If you’re willing to put in the work and time, a relationship with a Presa can be immensely rewarding. That said, owning a Presa Canario isn’t for casual dog owners. Indeed, most Presa breeders recommend that you not get a Presa […]

Are Presa Canarios Good with Kids?

Over the last several years, more and more dog owners have woken up and discovered the joys of bonding with the Presa Canario. These stately animals, cousins of the Mastiff, first popped up on the Canary Islands, a small chain just off northeastern Africa. For the first several hundred years of its existence, the Presa […]