Top Activities for Presa Canarios

Your Presa Canario is an energetic dog, which means you’ll need to keep them occupied with plenty of exercise and activity. In fact, they’re “working” dogs, which means they’re happiest when they have a job or activity to perform. If you neglect your Presa Canario’s need for exercise and stimulation, they can become destructive. Taking them outside for activities also helps socialize them, ensuring they don’t become dangerous to others.

Here’s how to entertain a Presa Canario:

  • Fetch: Fetch is a classic game for a reason—dogs, including the Presa Canario, love to play. All you need is a ball, Frisbee or other toy and plenty of room to throw it. The longer you keep your dog running after the ball, the more energy they’ll expend. A tired-out Presa Canario is a happy one.
  • Tug of war: Since Presa Canarios are strong, muscular dogs, games like tug of war should be left to the adults in the household. Get a sturdy rope and find out if you’re stronger than your Presa.
  • Red light, green light: This game can be part of clicker training. It helps with their impulse control. By teaching them to associate the sound of the clicker with a favorite treat, they’ll learn to follow commands and suppress impulses. When you want them to be still, give them a command like sitting or lying down. Click the clicker and give them the treat. When it’s “green light” time, you can play fetch or tug of war.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a great activity no matter your Presa’s age. Use a swim vest to keep them safe, and bring a fetch toy for more interaction. This activity is great for Presas suffering from hip or elbow problems—the water is buoyant enough to take the pressure off their joints.
  • Bite inhibition: Bite inhibition is important in puppy training. If your dog bites you while you’re playing, yelp loudly to startle them, then redirect their attention elsewhere. Never use physical force to discipline a dog.

Finally, while it may not necessarily seem like an “activity,” per se, socialization is also incredibly important, since Presa Canarios can become aggressive around strangers. They’re protective dogs, which makes them nice guard dogs—but that can easily translate into issues if they see every new person as a threat. You should make sure to focus on socialization between three and 12 weeks of age, but any time is a good time to reinforce positive training.

When you’re preparing your Presa to meet someone new—and assuming your guest is eager to participate—you can even involve your dog’s prospective new friend. For this, you’ll need treats your dog really loves. Have them meet your guest outside, and if the dog doesn’t display any signs of aggression, the guest gives them the treat. You can also counter-condition your Presa Canario: if they display aggressive behavior, give them a command like lying down. This is “counter” to the aggression trigger, and will teach them to have better responses.

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