What Should I Feed My Presa Canario?

One of the most important ways people care for their pets is by providing them with a healthy diet. Whether you have a cat or a Presa Canario, good nutrition allows your pet to live a full life without complications caused by weight problems or nutrient deficiencies. Before adding one to your family, you should learn what to feed a Presa Canario.

A healthy diet for your Presa Canario

The key is balance with diets for Presa Canario dogs. Keep in mind that a balanced diet for people is not the same as a balanced diet for your Presa pup. While some Presas don’t mind snacking on assorted vegetables and fruits, you should consult your veterinarian if your dog can’t get enough plant fiber:

  • Premium-quality dry and canned dog food: The majority of diets for Presa Canario dogs are the dry and canned foods you can buy at grocery or pet stores. If this is primarily what you’re feeding your dog, don’t skimp on quality. Low-quality dog foods do more harm than good, whereas premium varieties contain the balanced nutrition your canine requires. When shopping for dog food, compare the ingredients of different brands. Look for the ones that are low in grain and corn and high in protein.
  • Raw meat: If your Presa prefers raw meat to dog food, that’s fine. In fact, feeding your Presa raw meet can help prevent cancer, along with liver and kidney conditions. Presas also digest raw meat better than canned dog food—no more upset stomachs and stinky accidents to clean up! Many experts recommend feeding the Presa Canario a diet of raw, high-quality meat instead of the dog food you can purchase.
  • Raw eggs: Mixing in a raw egg or two with your Presa’s dried food offers some variety in their diet as well as some excellent protein. You can even feed your Presa cooked eggs as long as they weren’t cooked in too much oil or grease.
  • Bacon grease: While any physician will tell you to cut down on your own grease intake, some nitrate-free bacon grease mixed with dry food is acceptable for your Presa. It’s easy to overdo it with this one, so use your best judgment and really limit how often you add bacon grease to your dog’s food.
  • Tuna: Another great source of protein that’s also really lean, your Presa might enjoy some tuna fish added to their bowl of dry food.

Finding the right diet for your Presa

No two dogs, even if they’re the same breed, are the same. What works for one pup might not for another. Monitor your dog’s appetite and overall wellness to ascertain if you need to speak with a veterinarian about a different diet.

If you have questions about what to feed a Presa Canario, please feel free to contact us now. Cabeza Grande Kennel has decades of experience working with this breed of puppies and adults. We’re happy to offer dietary suggestions for your Presa—we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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