What Types of Treats and Toys Are Safe to Give a Presa Canario?

There are a few common misconceptions about Presa Canarios and dogs in general. People wrongly think that dogs only need playtime when they’re younger. They also fail to see the value of providing healthy treats to their dogs. Any pet owner should research the best toys and treats to buy for Presa Canario pups and any other dogs in their household.

Buying the right toys and treats for your Presa Canario

Many people think to ask about the right treats and toys to buy for Presa Canario dogs before they bring their new pup home. Fortunately, there’s a variety of great options available online and at pet stores in any community. Remember not to give your dog all of their new toys and treats at once—spread them out so they don’t get bored quickly.

Let’s start with the toys to buy for Presa Canario puppies and adult dogs:

  • Kong toys: We love Kong brand toys because they’re designed to last. Their rugged toys stand up to the strongest jaws. We’re particularly fond of their balls and the classic Extreme Dog Toy, but check out the offer products they offer to find the one that’s right for your Presa Canario.
  • Squeaky toys: A tough squeaky toy is excellent for Presa Canario puppies. The sound engages their sense of hearing while their jaws can remain busy chewing away for hours on end. Some Kong toys have squeakers, but there are other brands you can try, too.
  • Toys you can throw: The abrasive fibers on the outside of tennis balls can irritate your dog’s mouth or gums, while foam balls are not strong enough to stand up to a Presa’s incredible jaw strength. The Kong ball is a great option, but you should stock up on plenty of toys for your dog to chase. To preserve your shoulder, get a Chuckit! to provide your Presa Canario with the hours of fun they need to stay healthy and well behaved. A frisbee also works just as well as a ball. Check out the Kong Flyer if your Presa prefers a disc to a ball.
  • Puzzle feeders: This is a way to get your Presa Canario to play and engage while rewarding that behavior. This is especially helpful with food-motivated Presas.

As for the best treats to buy for Presa Canario dogs, here are some suggestions:

  • Natural pig or cow ears: These natural treats provide your dog with not only a delicious source of entertainment but also the light dental abrasion to clean their teeth. If your pup loves to chew, stock up on plenty of ears.
  • Sweet potato treats: Sweet potatoes contain a lot of antioxidants to help your Presa remain healthy. Plus, pups love that flavor.
  • Capelin whole fish dog treat: Filled with omega-3 fatty acids, Presas can’t resist these treats that are really good for their coats. Limit these treats to once a week so they aren’t overloading on nutrients. Also, feed them to your Presa outside to avoid your house smelling like fish.

There are so many options for treats and toys to buy for Presa Canario dogs and other breeds. If you have any questions about the right toy or treat for your Presa, get in touch with us now.

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