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Tips for Finding and Working with a Responsible Breeder

When you have a specific dog—like a Presa Canario—in mind, you’ll need to work with a breeder. However, not all dog breeders are created equal, and if you want a dog that is healthy and well-adjusted and hope to have a good resource for your chosen breed, you’ll need to do some legwork first. Here’s […]

The Character and Temperament of the Presa Canario

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who sees a picture of a Presa Canario and doesn’t immediately fall head over heels in love. These dogs are gorgeous and muscular, with a distinctively lovable face. However, the one physical feature that gives potential owners pause is the sheer size of the Presa Canario. These towering […]

Presa Canario Breeding Before Breed Recognition

Presa Canario Breeding Before the Presa Canario was recognized as a breed by the FCI, a Presa Canario breeder had specific priorities. It is likely not surprising to learn that breed recognition often changes standards, and breeders define new characteristics. Here is an overview of how Presa Canario breeding evolved with recognition. Desirable characteristics The […]

The History of Presa Canarios in America

The origin of Presa Canarios in the United States is a bit complicated. Much of this is due in part to the fact that there are two different breeds that are often confused for one another when the phrase “Presa Canario” is used. To truly understand the Presa Canario, you must acquaint yourself with its […]

Character Traits of the Presa Canario

Maybe you’ve seen a Presa Canario on social media, or a friend of yours has one already. Possibly you’ve been researching the best breeds for your lifestyle and that is how you first learned about the Presa Canario. This stunning canine breed is often misunderstood, especially as it pertains to their unique character traits. Often […]