Character Traits of the Presa Canario

Maybe you’ve seen a Presa Canario on social media, or a friend of yours has one already. Possibly you’ve been researching the best breeds for your lifestyle and that is how you first learned about the Presa Canario. This stunning canine breed is often misunderstood, especially as it pertains to their unique character traits.

Often mistaken for other breeds

Their broad shoulders, muscular build and block-shaped heads can resemble other canines such as boxers or pit bulls. The result of this mix-up is that people consider the Presa Canario to have the same character traits as canines that look relatively similar. However, you would be quite surprised at the long list of traits associated with the Presa Canario.

Hard working

One of the best traits in a Presa is their hard-working personality. Whether they are training to earn a Canine Good Citizen title or performing therapy work at nursing homes, this outstanding dog breed is eager to get the job done. In fact, we recommend that those looking to take home a Presa plan ahead for lots of training courses and activities to keep the animal productively active rather than bored and liable to cause trouble.


People confused alertness with defensiveness, as though any Presa you come across is ready to fight. That is simply not the case. Actually, a Presa’s alertness can be productively channeled if handled and trained properly. A Presa is always observing what’s happening around him or her, ready to jump into action, whatever the task may be.


While a Presa is always observing his or her surroundings, they usually do so in a relaxed manner. Often, you’ll find your Presa Canario sitting or lying down because they aren’t looking for a fight or trouble. These pups enjoy nothing more than watching the world go by from a comfy bed.


You can almost tell by their wide stance and the determined look on their face that these dogs are full of confidence. They are so aware of the world around them while also being dedicated workers, giving them the confidence to hold their heads high. It’s as though Presas know to take pride in themselves for being such outstanding canines.


Once a Presa has integrated him/herself into your family, that animal is a part of your pack for life. Another reason people often mistake this breed for being aggressive or prone to attacking is that a Presa will do anything to protect a member of their pack. Again, with the proper handling and training, this dedication to loyalty can be funneled into useful behavior.
If you are considering a Presa Canario for your family, doing thorough research is key. You want to understand the breed as best as possible to prepare your home and family for the task of bringing one of these canines into the mix.
If you have questions or are ready to start looking for the perfect pup, contact Cabeza Grande Kennel today. For over two decades, we have set the standard for this incredible breed. Our dedication to breeding excellence means we prioritize full dog wellness over all else. Get in touch with us now to learn more about these incredible four-legged companions.

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