Are Presa Canarios Good with Kids?

Over the last several years, more and more dog owners have woken up and discovered the joys of bonding with the Presa Canario. These stately animals, cousins of the Mastiff, first popped up on the Canary Islands, a small chain just off northeastern Africa. For the first several hundred years of its existence, the Presa Canario was prized for its unfailing work ethic and keen sense of loyalty. Since then, the powerful Presa has spread across the world, making friends in every corner of the planet.

As the Presa rises in popularity, the natural question becomes whether or not this pup has the correct temperament to live with a family. The subject of a Presa Canario and kids is common. The answer is simple: with consistent work and the right lessons for both child and Presa, you can turn your new dog into an excellent family pet.

The confident Presa Canario

Some people operate under the impression that Presa Canarios are naturally aggressive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When they’re properly trained and handled, Presas can form loving relationships with every member of the family. Presa Canarios are not naturally aggressive, but they are naturally confident. This confidence could lead the dog to become territorial and potentially rambunctious.

This inappropriate behavior is easily avoidable if you plan on mixing your Presa Canario and your kids.

Regular exercise

Your Presa will have a lot of energy, especially when they’re very young. If you don’t help them get that energy out in a productive way, like through regular walks and playtime, they’ll get bored and potentially destructive.

Let your Presa hang out

Your Presa Canario is an unfailingly loyal dog that loves to be by your side. When you’re at home or asleep, make sure to indulge your Presa by letting them come inside and relax alongside you. This regular, intimate interaction will go a long way toward turning your Presa into a comfortable family member.

Socialize early on

From the moment you get your new Presa, make sure to set up appropriate play groups with other dogs or puppies whos behavior you can predict. This will reinforce polite behavior at an early age.

Train, train, train

The most critical step you can take in making a Presa Canario your family dog is to train your Presa several times a day when they’re young. That means personally working with the dog and including your kids in the fun. Show your children how to interact with the dog. Teach them the training commands. Give them a shot at issuing commands. If you learn together as a group, the dog will become accustomed to taking orders from everyone, not just the alpha in the family.

Your Presa place

Want to know more about managing the interaction between a Presa Canario and your kids? Come to Cabeza Grande Kennel, a premier breeder of Presa Canarios. Our mission is to educate the public on the immense value of these gorgeous animals. Call today—we can’t wait to hear from you.

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