Four Things to Know About Presa Canario Puppies

There’s never a bad time to think about adopting a puppy, especially if you’re considering a Presa Canario. Anyone looking for a loyal companion (that is adorable, to boot) need look no further than this renowned Hispanic breed. Of course, as rewarding as it can be to own a Presa Canario, choosing to adopt a […]

Presa Canario: The Official Recognition of the Breed

It has been almost 30 years since the Presa Canario was officially recognized. In that short time, the Presa Canario breed has made leaps and bounds in terms of its health, build and reputation around the world. The rough-riding companion For most of its several-hundred-year history, the Presa Canario breed has had something of a […]

Before the Presa Canario Entered the United Kennel Club

If you’re just learning about purebred dogs and the organizations that breeders and owners join, you may not know about the United Kennel Club—and why it’s so important that the presa canario is a recognized breed with it. This breed, which originated in the Canary Islands and is known for being a loyal, protective guard […]

What to Know About the Presa Canario Breed

The presa canario breed might not be a familiar one to most Americans, but those who have their own know that they’re a loyal, friendly breed who can act as powerful guard dogs and pleasant companions. You may have heard them referred to as Canary mastiffs, a nod to their original home in the Canary […]

Presa Canarios: Past and Present

The original specimens If you purchase a puppy from Cabeza Grande Kennel, you are acquiring a dog with a distinguished history. That is why we are committed to responsible breeding practices that produce “total” Presa Canarios. Whether you seek a protector, companion or champion, the Presa Canario may be a good match for you. Here […]