February 28, 2020

James Lindsay | 2020-02-21 20:17:14

"We had been looking for a Presa breeder for quite some time, once we found Jen and her husband @ Cabeza Grande we were blown away with them and the facility and her devotion to quality! We were allowed a visit, and we were extremely impressed on her cleanliness and overall professionalism. We have been raising high end show livestock for years and its a hard thing to keep up with, we asked for a pup that would fit in well with a farm setting and wanted a social yet protective dog for our property, and Jen hit it to to moon with her choice for us!!!! We are very proud owners of the absolute best dog we have ever had. Jen always is willing to answer any questions we may have and we are truly never going anywhere else in regards to our Presa. Her commitment to advancement of the breed and outstanding health and development of her Presas is 5 stars all the way! "
February 28, 2020

Kevin Acord | 2020-02-21 21:10:47

"All four of my Presas have come from Jen Chandler at Cabeza Grande. Jen raises championship show quality dogs, second to none in my opinion, as I absolutely have shopped around before spending my hard earned money. Jen was also very personable and willing to help me anything I needed from nutrition to training. That meant as much as anything because in the beginning I'd never had anything larger than a Pitbull. Now I have 4 happy, healthy, and loved Presas. Down to earth and easy to work with at a very competitive price, especially for championship show quality, I'd recommend Jen at Cabeza to anyone."
February 28, 2020

Change your life

"Cabeza Grande Kennel couldn’t have been more helpful to me in picking the puppy I was looking for!! Jen has been so helpful and knowledgeable on every question I have had after bringing him home.. it’s obvious she really cares about her dogs and that they will be well taken care of.. my puppy brings so much joy into my home, my 3 children and I couldn’t thank Jen enough..I have definitely found a breeder that I can trust and will go back to again and again.."
February 28, 2020

Victoria Price | 2020-02-24 17:03:04

"My family purchased our first Presa Canario from Jen about 11 years ago. Rudo was the greatest home protector & family companion we had ever had. He was the perfect example of this incredible breed, and the quality that Jen produces. A few months after he passed, we decided to get another Presa - because life just wasn’t the same without one. There was no second thought or question as to what breeder we would contact. Cabeza Grande Kennel is second to none. Jen is as knowledgeable & passionate about this breed as you will ever find. 4 months ago, we got our second dog from Jen - a (HiroxMina) male. About 2 months after that, we purchased an (AlfioxYasenia) female. We now have a 6 month old male & 5 month old female out of Cabeza Grande Kennel that we could not possibly be more pleased with. The structure and temperament of Jens dogs, and her constant support is unmatched. We highly recommend Jen from Cabeza Grande Kennel to anyone interested in the one of a kind, Presa Canario. Thank you again - from the Price Family; Miami, Fl."
December 20, 2019

Dedicated Breeder

"I have known Jen for almost 20 years and am so impressed by her dedication to the breed. "