December 20, 2019

Top Breeder=Top Presa’s

"I brought home my Presa Canario puppy from Cabeza Grande Kennel in 2014. Jen Chandler ( owner ) has always answered any questions or concerns from day one to present. Truly a dedicated and ethical breeder that stands behind her dogs and offers lifetime support for your Presa Canario."
December 2, 2019

Repeated Excellence

"I wouldn't consider any other breeder . My second dig in 5 years from Jen & he is another winner . Protective , Stable & Safe to have greeting my customers daily . Cabeza Grande Forever"
December 2, 2019

"Before I got a puppy off of Jen, I already had a down payment on another puppy... but the research I done on the breed I jus had a gut feeling Jen was the right choice. With that being said... my family and I love our presa and will purchasing another from her. I highly recommend cabeza grande kennel!!!"
October 31, 2019

"I deal with dogs from kennels such as Von Liche on a regular basis. These companies have set the bar on support simply because of the nature of their jobs; Protection, Pllice, and military. I visited a few different kennels and went as far as finding the genetics close by of kennels I didnt have the opportunity of seeing in person. There are some quality genetics here in the US, just very limited vs the amount of "breeders". I DID NOT visit Jens facility even being a couple of hours away, but there was no where else my new working companion would be bred. She insisted I come to her place but somehow talked her into picking my puppy. She imprints her dogs on the basics; luring and shaping, using the nose, and proper tug/prey work. This is not something I saw at ANY other kennel. Most likely because this is not considered a working breed such as a Malinois or GSD. She put the genetics together for me knowing the drives would be a bit much for some to handle and having to home the remaining dogs of the litter. Everything was perfect! I got a call late one evening from Jen. First time I heard her voice in a non confident manner. The puppy we bred and had been selected was not quite up to par with what she expected and most likely myself as well. She flat out said "you'll have to move to the next litter". Didnt question her at any moment. She again, went above and beyond to breed and select another puppy. Upfront, THE best service in the breed in my opinion. Unfortunately I cannot speak to actual support as I have not needed any. I'm a professional trainer and the genetics speak for themselves. I will say, I have a 15 month old Presa who is on the streets capable of tracking, handler protection, explosives detection and apprehension."
October 25, 2019

"I got a fawn female from Jen about a year ago and could not be happier. Everything from the communication before I picked up Stella to the unlimited support after is hands down above and beyond. Jen is a wealth of knowledge and am thankful that I had the opportunity to me her."