October 25, 2019

"I'd researched a number of Presa Canario breeders before settling on Cabeza Grande Kennel. What convinced me to choose Cabeza Grande was the love she has for her dogs and the quality of her dogs. Jen Chandler is a very knowledgeable Presa Canario breeder. She's always available to assist me with any issue I may run into. I've purchased two great Presa Canario's from Cabeza Grande Kennel. I would recommend Cabeza Grande Kennel to anyone looking to add a Presa Canario to their life."
October 11, 2019

"Back in 2008 when I first heard about the breed I immediately started looking at kennels for Presa Canarios. After about a year of research I decided on you (not as a kennel but a breeder who lives the breed and keeps to the original standard). Fast forward to 2010 there was this beautiful puppy (so reversed brindle that she looked black) was waiting for me at the airport. As soon as I got her home she fit right in. She took well to everyone in the family to include the Westie we already had. She was partial to Jayden who was born in January that same year. I noticed where ever Pepper was Jayden always wanted to be there; and everywhere Jayden was, Pepper was sure to follow. I really believe that Pepper helped Jayden learn to walk (she was always by him in every video) those two were inseparable. From the bottom of my families heart, thank you for providing the perfect addition to our family."
October 11, 2019

"As a Dogo Canario Club of America founding member, past temperament president and board member, past Presa rescue effort leader, and sometime breeder, I have know Jen from almost her beginning. There are few people I would say shared my dedication to the breed in my 20 years, and only 1 has surpassed it, Jen of Cabeza Grande Kennels. In my years involved in the presa breed I had easy access to some of the most renowned bloodlines of Spain, The Canary Islands, Eastern Europe and North America. The only American bred dog that met my expectations of what a presa should be was Bojinka de Cabeza Grande, PH. CCF II, TAN, DD , CAL II. She was from the original B litter, early in the breeding career of Cabeza Grande. She was the most perfectly balanced dog I ever owned, and that includes dogs of my own breeding. She won show classes, and could turn around and perform in working competitions the next day, yet be perfectly at ease with whatever mutt I brought into the house to rescue."
October 11, 2019

"I traveled over 900 miles to see for myself Cabeza Grande Kennels and the pup I would be buying. The owner Jen Chandler gave me a complete tour of the kennels, addressed all my questions and concerns. She texted me to see how my return trip was going. Although this happened two years ago, Jen still responds to any questions I have. Simply put, this is a top notch kennel. Jen Chandler is a consummate professional and an ethical, dedicated breeder of Presa Canarios."
September 14, 2019

2020-08-19 | 15:13:09

"Simply the BEST"