The Temperament and Behavior of the Presa Canario

Hundreds of years ago, natives of Spain’s Canary Islands lived side by side with an utterly unique breed of dog. This gorgeous animal was treated as a protector and companion. It worked alongside its owners. It featured prominently in legends. That dog was the Presa Canario, a hard worker and stalwart friend to its family.

To the right owner, a Presa Canario can be an excellent addition to the family. That said, before making a lifetime commitment to a Presa Canario, it’s essential to know more about the breed itself.

A glance at the Presa Canario

It’s possible to take one look at a sturdy Presa Canario, or Dogo Canario, and mistake them for another large breed dog, like a mastiff. The Presa has a broad, square head with narrowly-set eyes, powerful jaws and thick, drooping lips.

An adult Presa will grow to around two feet and tip the scales at more than 100 pounds. Though not unusually tall, the Presa has an extremely muscular body held aloft by high arching “cat feet.” As a result, the Presa moves like a feline, making it both muscular and agile. That may explain why the Presa Canario has historically been put to work in cattle fields.

Strangers beware

Anyone looking for a living, breathing security system would do well to enlist the help of a Presa Canario. Armed with their patented full, muscular bodies and a deep, booming bark, a Presa Canario has both the warning system and physical ability to protect your family willingly. And they will—sometimes to a fault.

The Presa Canario is renowned for its loyalty to the family it serves. They’re sweet and cuddly and will undoubtedly form a bond with the people they live with. Strangers, on the other hand, may not fare as well. Presas are known to be wary of strangers, at least at first.

A confident pup

Because the Presa Canario can be prone to protective outbursts, obedience training is a very good idea. The Presa Canario is headstrong, as well, which means you’ll need to gain the skill and confidence you need to keep them in check.

You can also improve obedience by exercising the Presa Canario regularly. These dogs were formerly used as work animals, which means high energy and stamina are bred right into them. If you’re not prepared to take the Presa on long walks or allow them time to run off steam, they can become bored and destructive.

The Presa Canario professional

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Our mission is to provide loving, knowledgeable homes for these wonderful dogs. Each of our Presa Canarios is bred to the highest standard of health, temperament and overall conformity to the Spanish Canario type. Give us a call today to find out more about the joy a Presa Canario can bring to your life.

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